Arts. Music. Outdoors.
A Montessori inspired pod between woods and sea. 
The Wave of the Future Coop is a Montessori-inspired learning community that focuses on experiential education, arts, and the environment. The Wave Coop will be located within the Sou’Wester Arts & Ecology Center
      • Montessori inspired
      • Outdoor based
      • Arts focus

Wave of the Future Coop started as a pandemic- era pod for local families in Seaview, WA. Focused on education, community, craft, and environment, Wave of the Future offers a Covid- conscious community, small staff to child ratios, and a focus on learning outdoors through a child- led, play- based lens. We are passionate about connecting children to the outdoors,  food, and working artists. 

Preschool & Seasonal Camp for kids 30 month to 6 years old. Learn More

Currently we are operating as a seasonal camp and are excited to become a licensed preschool. (Estimated for Oct 2022)