Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Wave of the Future Co- op a registered school?

No. We are a seasonal camp. 

Can my child attend Wave of the Future preschool program if they are not yet potty trained?

No. Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities in place to handle assisted toileting/ diapering. Please only apply if your child can go to the bathroom without assistance. 

What kind of snacks are offered during programs?

We buy organic whenever possible and do our best to provide healthy, balanced options. The children often assist in making snack. We serve snacks family style outdoors and the children serve themselves and put their dishes away. Preschoolers have a morning snack from 9- 9:30 am and After- schoolers have snack from 3:30- 4. Lunches are not provided, please provide your child with a packed lunch for our preschool program. 

I would like my child to attend, but we’d like to start out with three days a week. Is that possible? 

Yes! We are open to creative + flexible scheduling to meet your families needs. On our application you will be asked what your schedule requests are if differing from what we typically offer. You can explain your unique situation there and we will be in touch. 


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