Our goal is to offer the children we work with the opportunity to discover their interests, learn self-expression, and understand the importance of being grounded in the natural world. Our guides and visiting artists celebrate expression and dexterity by listening to the child’s ideas and interests, valuing their uniqueness, and respecting their choices. We aim to cultivate flow-state concentration, a merging of action and awareness that allows the children to become fully absorbed by the task at hand and provides them with personal agency over their experience making their days intrinsically rewarding. 


Alison Bingham 

Lead Preschool Teacher 

Allison works at Wave Of The Future as lead teacher. She is a certified AMI Montessori teacher and has worked at several Montessori schools in Portland since 2008, before moving up to the peninsula three years ago. Allison has a bachelors of fine arts, and is a painter and sculptor.

Her personal interests include organic gardening, native plants, paddle boarding, surfing, being in water, dog rescues, and hanging out with my old foster children. Currently, Allison is remolding and living in an old trailer on her two acre property.



Orchid Cavett 

 Preschool Co- Teacher 

She has spent most of her lifetime teaching children and really enjoys doing so. She has raised seven children and has 13 grandchildren and a great grand daughter. She appears as a professional mermaid known as “Grandmer” Orchid the Mermaid. She loves swimming (of course) and when in her sea pavilion lets children dress up as mer folk, fish or even sharks, while reading lovely sea based stories. Orchid loves to combine art and science to peak the interest of children in creating wonderful art work. She believes that nature learning is very important and enjoys being in the outdoors herself. 

She grew up in the NW and spends the winter in Arizona. We’re so lucky that she returns every summer to enjoy the beautiful weather and get away from the heat of Arizona. 

You never know where you might spy her having a splashing great time with her mer fans! 





Chloe Maglio

Assistant director & Community liaison

Chloe comes from a family of educators, and has always enjoyed working with children of all ages. She loves animals, sewing, cooking plant based food, and learning! She relocated from the Midwest at the beginning of the pandemic, and is so grateful to be surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest coast. Chloe is also the Assistant Director of Art Room, a children’s art education non-profit based in Astoria. 



Admin Support









“Education of even a very small child…does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life.” – Maria Montessori